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have a gif of Simon doing the death wiggle <3


have a gif of Simon doing the death wiggle <3

How is it that people say JJ Abrams is the worst when he is the first director to allow a female character to have a significant place in the triumvirate. To support Uhura being female lead and getting a healthy consensual romance. The first director to expand upon her skills, actually give her a first name, AND have her speak an alien language. No he isn't perfect, but none of the past writers/directors/films did a damn thing to expand her character, yet fans glorify those movies. SMDH!




I suspect they hate him precisely for this reason, nonny.


maybe JJ Abrams did do something right with his characterization of Uhura by placing her in the triumvirate, but that’s not why we say he’s the worst.

JJ Abrams is the worst because he took one of our culture’s most optimistic and idealistic stories about the nature of existence and turned it into your average dark and gritty summer blockbuster.  He destroyed Vulcan because he could.  For dramatic effect.

He created this entire alternate timeline so anything could happen, and then remade Wrath of Khan.  Whitewashed a role that Gene Roddenberry had to fight the network in order to give to an actor of color.  Gave a female character Carol Marcus’ name, and only her name, as a “nod” to the original canon with no explanation as to why she’s suddenly a weapons technician and not a biologist.

He took away the uniforms’ representation of female character’s rank.  He betrayed a female character’s privacy by showing her near-naked from the perspective of a male character, who was told not to look.

The same male character that is portrayed as a womanizing, boob-grabbing asshole, who drove Christine Chapel to seek reassignment.  That is not Gene Roddenberry’s James T. Kirk.

JJ Abrams took Star Trek and watered it down, made it a novelty.  Gave us a couple of throw-away references to Admiral Archer or to a tribble and expected that to make up for the slap in the face he gave to Roddenberry.

Uhura did have a bigger role in the reboot, at the expense of McCoy’s character.  But that’s not why we hate what JJ did to the reboot.

This ask really discredits Nichelle Nichols’ Uhura, too. Zoe Saldana is good, but she wasn’t playing a black female lieutenant in the 1960's. Nichols actually changed people's perspectives on black women, she has said in interview that people have told her that until they say Star Trek they didn’t really consider black people as people, and there are prominent black women who have said that they chose their careers because of her representation (e.g. Mae Jemison, Whoopi Goldberg). Also, Nichols was the one who agreed on Uhura’s first name. It was never said in series, but it was canon before the reboot.

If you think that this ask discredits Nichelle Nichols’ Uhura, then as much as you claim to be a fan of her you haven’t read what she says about her character AT ALL.
Because everything this ask is saying is what Nichelle Nichols herself had said about Uhura.
Friendly reminder:

“I’d get the first draft, the white pages, and see what Uhura had to do this week, and maybe it was a halfway-decent scene or two, sometimes more, and then invariably the next draft would come in on blue pages and I’d find that Uhura’s presence in the show had been cut way down. The pink pages came next and she’d suffer some more cuts, then the yellow, more cuts, and it finally got to the point where I had really had it. I mean, I just decided that I don’t even need to read the FUCKING SCRIPT! I mean I know how to say, ‘hailing frequencies open.’”


"Looking back, Nichols would have welcomed the opportunity to expand her character beyond the limitations of a supporting role:
'You must understand that I’m an actor, not a communications officer, and as such, I would have treasured the opportunity to act, to have been a character developed and have experiences other than keeping the communications open.’


Nichelle Nichols had decided leave the original Star Trek series after the first season. Fed up with racist harassment and limitation, culminating with her learning that studio executives were withholding her fan mail, she submitted her resignation. She withdrew it when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. convinced her that her role was too important a cultural breakthrough to leave.” (memory alpha)


"On how The Motion Picture failed to develop Uhura:
When asked if she was disappointed with the depth of characterization required by the script, Nichols commented, Yes, quite frankly, I was. I had hoped that not only Uhura, but the others would have an opportunity along with the viewers, to see where they had gone and why they came back.”


Still, no matter how many qualities she has instilled in Uhura, Nichelle feels that in the movies her character has not been developed to its fullest potential the way it has been in fan fiction. -  I think Uhura is a very independent woman but a relationship for her would be a very exciting aspect to delve into. There is a great potential to develop Uhura because she has many interesting qualities.’ …. ”

and to those who still think that TosUhura was better developed and JJ had nothing to fix or he ruined Nichelle’s Uhura:

When I see her come on [Zoe Saldana’s Uhura], that’s me and I’m living it. A little ways into the movie, I realized she had taken to heart what I said and became more reserved and tighter. I’m so proud of her. She took a role that was established and gave it life.
Now I know who I was before I got on that ship for that first mission. It’s so exciting for me and rewarding. J.J. and she did me honor. 

also if you seriously think Uhura needing to use a dictionary to speak klingon in the tos movies is better for her character than JJ Abrams&Co having a scene in stid where Uhura could speak klingon and be a motherfucking badass, then I don’t know what to tell you except remind you this:

Nichelle Nichols complained that with the Klingons as the Federation’s primary enemy, a good communications officer would be able to speak at least basic Klingon. Director Nicholas Meyer preferred to keep the scene as it was, for “the laugh.”http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Klingonese

give me a fucking damn break fandom.

Here’s what I mean when I say that some people romanticize the past. Like.. yes, tos was progressive for its time but it was the fucking 60s and a lot of things were the result of problematic shit from that time like racism and rampant sexism. (not that things changed that much for her in the later movies as she herself expressed in the quotes above) Be careful about what you are actually saying when you claim that reboot Uhura should be ‘developed’ like TosUhura.

ps: about the whole

"Also, Nichols was the one who agreed on Uhura’s first name. It was never said in series, but it was canon before the reboot."

uh? by definition, if something is ‘never said in the series’ or one of the movies then the fuck it can be canon? IT WAS NOT CANON
Yes, Nichelle agreed on Uhura’s first name and that’s why JJ&Co made ‘Nyota’ canon for the first time in 40 fucking years. They didn’t have to do that, they could have used any other name because that name wasn’t official and therefore not canon. Now it’s official and canon.
You should rather ask yourself *why it took JJ Abrams to make that fucking name canon and why the other directors never thought to do that (and no, spare me the whole ‘calling her Uhura showed respect’ crap I read in some replies here. We knew Kirk was Jim, we knew that McCoy was Leonard and Bones.. we knew the other fucking first names. Though I guess you could argue we didn’t know Spock’s family name either. I guess ‘Nyota’ was unpronounceable for humans as well ;) )

Of everywhere she could touch him in that moment, she put her hand over his heart.

reminds me of this fanart

Of everywhere she could touch him in that moment, she put her hand over his heart.

reminds me of this fanart

replying to an anon messaging me


Hi and thank you for your message. :)
First of all, I co-mod a blog about S/U but it’s not spockanduhura (that in fact existed even before I made my blog ;) I think it was the first S/U blog made over here. While the one I co-mod was made more ‘recently’ and mostly to collect all the edits and positive posts about them that we find in the tags, since some fans don’t track them to avoid the wank)
So I’m forwarding your message to spockanduhura  ;) 
Now,  I have talked with the person running that blog plenty of times and she’s nice and always open to reply to people messaging her (as you can see in her S/U blog by her replies to the not so polite anons messaging her sometimes ^^”) so I think that she probably hadn’t really blocked you, especially if the tone of your messages was like the ones from above. I know that she had taken a little break from tumblr in the past months so it’s possible that her inbox is full and/or she didn’t have the time to reply yet.

After this clarification, thank you for your kind words. That was appreciated.
I, for one, think you have nothing to apologize for. You’re not responsible for the behavior of other people in the fandom. The S/U fans know that not everyone is the same[***] and when we complain about some things, I hope it’s always clear enough that we’re specifically talking in context and about the ones that participate to certain arguments and it’s not our goal to make assumptions about *everyone*.
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Fade to black scene? You mean, where they both kick Sulu out? That will never not be funny to me.



you mean, when Spock not so subtly kicked Sulu out of his apartment before he could ask Uhura out? lmao


accurate xD

should I use my 1k tag for that post too now? lmao


I feel as though this is relevant to everyone’s interests.

I feel as though this is relevant to everyone’s interests.

Panda Mom

Pandas back hugs

How to color eggs with onion shells.



This must be the most beautiful DIY tutorial I have ever seen. And it so happens to be in style of this weekend. Found on Ulicam, a very nice blog by Ulrika Kestere, photographer and illustrator. For the whole tutorial and lot’s of inspiration, click here.


Vulcan by tafafa

for ughura