lol I still see some fans talking about that poll as the ultimate evidence that MOST of the fans disliked S/U

Iva- January 30, 2012

When the voting was done on this site, more than 5 000 people voted and Spock/Uhura was declared a mess, right next to the brewery.

But the writers like to pretend it never happened, and keep talking about S/U like it was a good idea and people like it.

87. boborci - January 30, 2012

82. We dont pretend it never happened. We just know that only 3 percent of trek fans even post, and of that 3, less than half didn’t like uhura/spock, and the half of the three represents less than one percent of the general audience. Sorry.

in short: YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID. Sincerely, the writers.



  1. It wasn’t “more than 5000 people” anyway as 5000 was the total of votes but only the 30% of those clicked on S/U.
  2. The same person can vote more than once in the same poll. Just saying.
  3. Another poll in the same site had the majority actually voting for more of S/U or them getting married in the sequel xD *cough* this should give some people a clue about how polls don’t really prove anything.
  4. and let’s be honest here, it’s well know that a certain group of shippers promoted that first poll (the one Orci is referring to in the quote posted above) everywhere asking people to vote against S/U thus making the results skewed. The site’s webmaster and mister Orci surely know about it ( have you ever heard about something called referer?). Plus, it’s not like polls give you the ability to vote only if you had actually watched the movie. Anyone can vote if they’re given the link. Just saying.
  5. It was a poll that the haters could easily monopolize as it didn’t have an option where other fans could state that they liked S/U instead or were ok with it like in the other polls in that site, where in fact, the majority seems to be ok with them. 
    It speaks well of the S/U fans that they knew about the “anti S/U campaign” made by other shippers but didn’t decide to make a reply-campaign asking the S/U fans to vote against other options in the poll that got the most votes such as Kirk getting promoted as the captain or
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    Oh my God, why some people have to make stupid and useless argument about this ship? So annoying…
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    in short: YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID. Sincerely, the writers. notes: Read More
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