hi there, may I just ask - are there any hate-freeish spock/uhura places on tumblr at all?! (Apart from lovely places like your blog, of course) I'm kind of just on the edge of the fandom and kind of just ship everything but seriously, the treament this ship is getting seems ridiculous (as all hate generally is?!) soo yeah, just wondering. You're awesome, btw :)

Thanks ^^
Haters Gonna Hate, Fans Gonna Fan :) 
In all the fandoms the haters are always the most vocal crowd because they have things to bitch about and as they feel strongly about their opinions  they think that if they are loud enough maybe the writers will listen to them and write the story accordingly (e. g, people getting obsessed about “winning” online polls especially in sites where they know the writers might read their opinion) . 
Gotta be honest here though: the star trek fandom isn’t the friendly and oh so tolerant place some people like to tell themselves that it is. IDIC? not at all.
There are no actual “rival shippers” neither in the show nor in these more recent movies and yet, some people seems to have made their mission to create silly shipper wars anyway and, at times, it actually gets worse and more ridiculous and nonsensical than in many recent fandoms where rival ships do actually exist in canon so, you know,  a conflict is a tad more understandable, to say the least.
The problem isn’t people “hating” things itself but it’s the entitlement of some fans and the constant wanking in the ship tags and the edits made by other fans. What to do? At one point you either reply to every silly comment you read or you choose to ignore them and see them for what they are.
S/U fans just like some other shippers in this fandom (and most of the people that ship canon pairs from movies) are more quiet and selective in choosing the places where they want to interact with the fandom. I co-mod a Spock/Uhura blog here and it has got 200 new followers only this week ( likely thank to the newest movie) so yeah, generally speaking people that like them prefer to reblog stuff about them or browse their blogs and communities (or read fanfictions) rather than bitching about other ships in the tags or in other sites and have arguments with the haters all the time.
But I digress…. (sorry for ranting a bit) to answer to your question, here’s some hate-free S/U blogs: (friendly to all the Uhura ships) (she wrote some spot on metas about them and Uhura) (same as above) (everytime there is a new pic from the comics she’s the first to post them for us :)) )

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